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NATALIYA MEDVEDOVSKAYA aka Natasha Meadow has a rare melodic gift which makes her compositions memorable and talk right to the heart of a listener. They embrace a wide range of genres, from classical contemporary to gospel, Broadway and pop. Nataliya's music goes from dramatic, deep, mature, expressive and soulful, to being playful, whimsical and cartoon-like—often dynamic, refreshing and fresh, and always filled with imagination.

We breathe in what we explore; we breathe out what we express in our music creation," says Nataliya. "I have been writing music for as long as I can remember myself. My father made a significant part in my childhood development as a composer. By a family tradition that he launched, I would compose art songs for holidays and for each of my mother's birthdays. He guided me in the creative process until my Conservatory years, where I studied under the tutelage of Professor Sergei Slonimsky. Since then, I've been commissioned to compose chamber and orchestral music, including two String Quartets, Barcarolle for Harp Quintet, Pantomimes for clarinet and piano, Fantasy for viola and piano, the symphonic poem Red Revolution in the Air and the orchestral ballet Adventures of Nils among others.


My values are the infinite beauty of harmony while preserving a contemporary sound, dynamic rhythm and sincere melodies. I usually become inspired very quickly and enjoy creating compositions either in my mind or when I improvise on piano. I usually don't choose an exact time for composing. Sometimes it could be in the depths of night. Inspiration always finds me in the midst of doing something else. I thrillingly welcome it into my world and let it be with me one-on-one for as long as it asks me. I feel it as a flowing river of ideas or a sacred conversation and exchange of energy with the Universe."


Chamber Music

"Sunrise on the Neva River" song-1981

“Skylark Yula” song-1982

“Music of Light” song-1982

“Everything is new today” New Year song-1982

“Give me a special gift, the morning” song-1983

“Madonna” song based on poems by Pushkin -1983

 “A girl like sunshine” song –1984

“Spring, by spring, about spring” song-1984

 “Rooks landed” song-1984

 “The Muse” song based on Sheakspeare’s Sonnet # 38-1984


“Rain and rainbow” for solo piano-1984- credits: was broadcast several times by Russian radio, was performed by Nataliya Medvedovskaya in St.Petersburg  Capella Concert Hall in 1984.

Scherzo C Major for solo piano-1984

Concerto for two pianos in one movement G Major-1984


“Snow is falling” B Flat Minor art song for soprano and piano based on poems by Boris Pasternak-1985-credits: was broadcast several times by the Russian TV and Russian radio, was performed by Nataliya Medvedovskaya  in St.Petersburg Philarmonic Hall in 1986.


“Motherland” song-1985

“Moment” song- 1985

“My city” song dedicated to the 40-year anniversary of a victory in the Second World War-1985

“Night is going to sleep” song-1985

“Detective story” for solo piano-1985

Piece for harp and flute B minor-1985-credits: was performed in St.Petersburg Philarmonic Hall in 1986.


“Quirky girl” for piano-1986

“Starling” song-1986

“Our school is not a simple building”- a hymn song dedicated to the 50th -year anniversary of the music school at St.Petersburg Conservatory -1986

“Everything around me is just 12 years old” song-1987


Scherzo for flute,oboe,clarinet and bassoon F # Minor-1987-credits: broadcast several times on Russian radio, was performed in St.Petersburg Philarmonic Hall in 1988 .


“To the woman” art song based on poems by Brusov-1988

“Everything that a man can touch” song-1988

Concertino for two pianos in one movement C Minor-1989-credits: broadcast on the ”Russia” radio in 1989.


“Dream” G # Minor art song for soprano and piano based on poems by Boris Pasternak-1989- credits: was performed in St.Petersburg Philarmonic Hall in 1990.


“Being like a meadow for myself ” E Flat Minor art song for soprano and piano based on poems by Boris Pasternak -1990- credits: was performed in St.Petersburg Philarmonic Hall in 1990.


Scherzo for violin and piano B Minor-1991


Suite of character miniatures for solo piano-1992:

  • “Gossiping Girls” A Major

  • Scherzo in B flat

  • March B Flat Minor

  • Lullaby B Major

  • Burlesque A Minor- credits: Performed at Living and Immortal Composers Intercontinential Competition (Carneggie Hall, 2019)


Tryptich of art songs for mezzo soprano and piano (or soprano and piano) based on poems by Marina Tsvetaeva:

  • “Stanzas”-1992

  • “In my great city”-1993

  • “Thy name”-1993- credits: First Prize from Gartow Foundation International Composition Competition ( St.Petersburg ,1995). Performed by the First Prize Winner of International Vocal  Competitions Veronika Reznikovskaya.


“Carousel” art song for soprano and piano based on poems by Garcia Lorka-1993

Credits: First Prize from Gartow Foundation International Composition Competition

( St.Petersburg ,1995).


“Adventures of Nils”Suite for piano-4 hands, flute and voice based on Selma Lagerlof’s fairytale-1994


String Quartet # 1 “August-91” B Flat Minor -1994-credits: has been performed by SAINT PETERSBURG STRING QUARTET since the early nineties in a number of U.S. cities, receiving glowing reviews in the LOS ANGELES TIMES, the WASHINGTON POST, St. Paul Edition, Kalamazoo Gazete, and the Charleston Daily Mail. The Quartet was performed at the Music Mountain Summer Festival (2005), Mohawk Trial Concerts (2006), in Yale University and Merkin Hall, and was broadcast by WQXR internationally.


Sonata for flute and piano in 4 movements in C-1994

“Lilac” art song for soprano and piano-1995

“Improvisation” art song for soprano and piano based on poems by Boris Pasternak-1995


Ballade for cello and piano-1995

Sonata for cello and piano in 3 movements F # Minor-2000


Concerto for double-bass and orchestra F # Minor-1996

Concerto for cello and orchestra F # Minor-revision of the concerto for double-bass and orchestra-2001


Songs for children choir and piano- revision and rearrangement of the songs composed earlier-2002:

“Spring,by spring, about spring”

“Everything is new today” New Year song

“Rooks came”

“Skylark Yula”-for children choir, flute and piano


Songs for children choir and piano dedicated to the 300 year-anniversary of St.Petersburg- 2003:

“Sunrise on the Neva River”

“Everything that a man can touch”

“Music of light”

“My city”- credits: performed by children choir “Note”at the competition “We love Peterburg” dedicated to the 300-th year anniversary of St. Petersburg


“Let music sound in our home” song -2004


“Intervals” for piano-educational cycle of character pieces for children-2004:

  • Second-“Surprise”

  • Second-“Little Chicken”

  • Third-“Adventures in the Labyrinth”

  • Third-“Missing a friend”

  • Fourth-“Olympic Games”

  • Tritone-“Halloween Thriller”

  • Fifth-“Pastorale”

  • Fifth-“Morning in a village”

  • Fifth-“The King’s tower bells”

  • Sixth-“Raindrops”

  • Sixth-“At the dance lesson”

  • Seventh-“What a pitty!”

  • Prime and Octave-“Skipping Rope”


“Music of Love”- cycle of 4 songs based on poems by Mordukhovich -2004:

  • “A woman of my love”

  • “Can’t imagine my life without you”

  • “Be repeated”

  • “Hapiness”- credits: the cycle was performed in Davidson Radio Concert Hall ,Brooklyn,NY in 2005.


String Quartet # 2 in 3 movements C # Minor –April 2005-credits: was premiered by St Petesrburg String Quartet at the Chamber Music America Conference (New York City, 2007), Albuquerque Music Festival (New Mexico, 2007) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Florida, 2007).


Fantasy for viola and piano F # Minor-September 2005-credits: was broadcast two times by classical music radio station, CT in 2010.


“About Prague with smile”-3 art songs cycle for soprano and piano based on poems by Boris Goldberg:                                                                                                                                “Mozart’s table”-2005                                                                                                                         

“Ballade about Ian Nepomutski”-2006                                                                                               “Karlov Bridge”-2006


“Pantomimes” suite for clarinet and piano-2006:

  • “Alarm in the ant-hill” - for B flat clarinet.

  • “Waltz of poisonous mushrooms”- for A clarinet.

  • “Tiptoeing invisible beings”-for A clarinet.

  • “Serenade of the dolphin”- B flat clarinet.

  • “Tango of octopi”-E flat clarinet.

  • “The trip of solar bunnies”- for c clarinet-piccolo- Credits: commissioned and premierred by Ben Redwine and Nataliya Medvedovskaya at the  International Clarinet Convention in Atlanta,GA, 2006. Performed at Symphony Space, NY


“The First Snow” for oboe, bassoon, violin and piano A Minor-2007-credits: The world premiere at An Die Music Series by Poulenc Trio (Baltimor, MD,2009) and at the “Wall to Wall Behind the Wall” International Festival (Symphony Space, New York City , 2010.)


Quintet for clarinet, trumpet, violin, cello and piano C Minor-December 2008


“Colour Dreams” for solo piano- credits: commissioned by Mark Peskanov for Bargemusic


“Adventures of Nils” ballet for orchestra-2014-credits: Performed by Cosmic Orchestra, MD


3 art songs on poems by Yefim Medvedovskiy-2016:

  • To My Brother

  • White Nights

  • The Music Sounded in Me- credits: performed at LiederKrantz Hall and Scandinavian House


“Red Revolution in the Air”-symphonic poem-June 2017- credits: Performed by Siberian State Philharmonic Orchestra; conductor- maestro Vladimir Lande


Suite from “Adventures of Nils” ballet for full orchestra-2019


Russian Christmas Song- 2017- credits: Selected by Olga Peretyatko for the preliminary round of the Vienna Christmas Festival

Praise the Lord- Christian hymn-2019- credits: Premierred at Salem Missionary Baptist Church, Seven Day Adventist Church and Astoria Park Open Air Concert Series

Almighty Jesus- Christian hymn-2019-credits: Premierred at Astoria Park Open Air Concert Series

Salvation is Near- Christian hymn-2020

Barcarolle for flute, harp, violin, viola and cello-2020- credits: virtual World Premiere by PhiloSonia on Open Calssical


Untill You Come- Christian hymn-2021

From Heaven-Christian hymn-2021

We'll Worship You Forever-Christian hymn-2021

God Is Everywhere- Christian song for children-2021



Barcarolle Cover.jpeg

Barcarolle for flute, harp, violin, viola and cello (2020)

Grand Prize Winner (New Melodies International Competition)

Commissioned by Canta Libre Chamber Ensemble

Joke for Flute & Piano.jpg

Joke for Flute & Piano (2015)

Best Classical Composition (Indie Music Channel, Hollywood)

Cartoon by Nataliya Medvedovskaya

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