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“Poetic and fresh. Love the message of this song and you have done it in an effective and beautiful way that I haven’t heard before."

- "Inside Out" Song Evaluation -

Great American Song Contest



Nataliya, your words are graceful and beautiful. Very poetic, majestic, not an easy feat. Strong lyrics with good imagery and emotion. Good job of creating piece that is moving and not typical.”

- “Fairytales” Song Evaluation -

Great American Song Contest


Be the way you always have been,

Try to learn from your own ways

And work hard and true to un-spin

Life's amazing fazing maze.

Cancell all of your appointments,

Loosen laces of your doubts,

Take your fears and dissapointments 

And just turn them inside out.

From "Inside Out" song by

Nataliya Medvedovskaya

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